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How does the property division process affect business owners?

When a couple decides to move forward with divorce, they will have to divide marital assets. For some Texas couples, this means figuring out what to do with a family-owned business. The property division process can be complex, especially when there is a successful business at stake. When a person knows what to expect, he or she can develop a strategy that will be best for his or her long-term interests. 

Addressing retirement in the property division process

Divorce will bring significant financial changes for both spouses, and it will likely require both parties to make some adjustments in lifestyle and future expectations. This is particularly true for retirement accounts. It may be prudent for a person facing the prospect of divorce to understand how the property division process works and what it could mean for his or her retirement plans.

Dividing marital property in divorce, including the family home

When a Texas couple decides to move forward with divorce, they will have to divide all of the property they purchased, accumulated or earned over the course of the marriage. This is often one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process, particularly when it comes to valuable marital property to which people may have an emotional attachment. In many cases, this includes the family home.

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