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Property division and the post-divorce financial health of women

Divorce brings significant financial changes to both spouses, but statistics indicate that these changes can be particularly difficult for Texas women. The property division process can bring long-term impacts for areas that include health care, taxes, living arrangements and retirement plans. For some older individuals, divorce can be financially devastating, but there is evidence that this can improve over time.

There is evidence to suggest that many women feel more confident about their financial situation a few years after their divorce is final. While the end of a marriage can be a financial wake-up call for many, it is possible, with careful planning and a thoughtful divorce order, to have a secure and stable future. Other factors, such as a strong economy, may also affect how confident women feel about their post-divorce finances.

A recent study found that approximately 65% of women feel good about their future after divorce, which is up from only 50% just two years ago. Around half of all divorced women also feel like their earning power and career advancement opportunities are higher than before. Additionally, many of them are relying on the counsel of financial professionals to safeguard their financial status.

One of the keys to a strong post-divorce future is securing a fair property division order. When a Texas woman is facing the process of ending her marriage, she would be wise to think about her long-term interests, not just how she feels in the moment. This will allow her to pursue terms that will make sense well into the future.

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