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How your social media posts can affect your divorce

You may have already figured out (even if it was the hard way) that there are some posts you shouldn't make while you are going through a divorce.

As much as it might be nice to have your friends rally in your corner, it makes sense not to talk about your fights and paperwork battles on social media. But there are still more topics you should avoid posting about while you and your ex are negotiating your divorce.

These are some of the other subjects your social media posts shouldn't touch.

Time spent in a new relationship

Even if your ex knows about it, it is not wise to post about a new relationship while you are still negotiating your divorce. Not only is it insensitive, but having a new relationship could make negotiations more complicated in a few ways, including:

  • Violating a prenuptial agreement
  • Reducing the amount of spousal support you can receive
  • A hurt ex is going to be more challenging to negotiate with
  • Making the divorce more difficult for your children

Big purchases

Whether you just bought a new vehicle or you are going on a nice vacation, this is not the best time to post about it on social media. Posting about a large purchase on social media can have a significant effect on spousal and child support negotiations and asset division.

Even if your ex knew you were saving up for a big purchase, the best case is that you end up with the same agreement, but with more arguing between here and there. More likely is that your post will impact what you get or what you will be paying after all the dust has settled.

Social media is always public

Anything you post on social media is assumed to be information you are willing to make public. It doesn't matter how many security settings you have in place; most courts agree that the moment you hit "post," you accept that the information will be public knowledge.

Even if you have extensive filters and security settings in place, or if you take down the post, it is still considered public. Once you post it, anyone can take a screenshot and send it to someone you did not intend to have the information.

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