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Healthy co-parenting and custody arrangements after divorce

When Texas parents choose to move forward with a divorce, it is often hardest on the youngest members of the family. As a result, some families prefer to co-parent, which allows them to share custody and access to the children. This specific type of custody arrangement can provide stability and allow kids to maintain strong ties to both parents.

Co-parenting requires that parents work together and cooperate, even if they do not necessarily have positive feelings for each other. To make this type of custody plan work well, both parties will have to set aside their own feelings and focus on what is best for the children. Parents have to be aware that the things they say about one another, the fights they have and how they treat each other can take a toll on the children.

Property division during divorce can be especially diffcult

When a Texas couple has been married a long time, they have probably prepared to retire together and live out their golden years side by side. For some couples, things can change, and divorce changes all of their expectations and hopes for their futures. Divorce for older couples can be complicated, but property division is especially complicated when a couple is already in retirement or close to that point.

When a couple divorces close to their retirement, the financial consequences can be devastating. It takes careful planning and a clear perspective on the future in order to reach a final agreement that is beneficial and sustainable. A person will have to fully understand his or her spending, what income he or she will have, and how to live within his or her means. This is not easy for a person who is no longer working or who is approaching this point in his or her life. 

Modifications may be needed for some co-parenting issues

Practically every parent faces struggles while raising children. There never seems to be a right answer to certain situations, and trying to make decisions for the well-being of yourself and the well-being of your children can often put you in a difficult spot.

You may have struggled considerably before deciding to move forward with your divorce, but you knew that you and your ex could no longer have a healthy marriage. Of course, because you have children together, you knew that you would need to continue having contact with your ex in order to care for the children.

Mistakes regarding property division can be costly

A Texas divorce can be expensive, and the choices made during this process can affect multiple areas of a person's life for years to come. Divorce practically guarantees financial adjustments in the lives of both parties, which is why it is crucial to be cautious and careful during the property division process. It is also beneficial for a person to know how the property division process would work even before walking down the aisle.

One woman's story serves as a sobering reminder of the potential cost that a person may pay when there are mistakes make regarding money and property during divorce and marriage. This woman, who is now a divorce-related financial expert, says that her divorce cost her approximately $1 million. She says that much of this loss is the result of not really understanding how to protect her personal financial interests. 

Questions that can help a person considering divorce

It is not easy for a Texas resident to make the decision to move forward with the process of ending his or her marriage. This is a choice that is usually preceded by months or even years of consideration, and there are certain questions that a person can ask that will help him or her decide if divorce is right. This can help a person ensure that he or she knows all of the options available.

Divorce is difficult and complicated, and one important thing a person can do is to ask himself or herself if there is complete certainty that divorce is the right choice. Another question that can help a reader is to ask whether he or she has financially prepared for divorce and whether he or she understands the financial changes that a divorce can bring. Planning and preparing for divorce can save time and stress along the way.

What factors are considered in a spousal maintenance award?

Spousal maintenance, sometimes called spousal support or alimony, is a payment made from one former spouse to another after divorce. Historically, it was paid by a former husband to his former wife, who had worked in the home during their marriage.

Today, the higher-wage-earning spouse may be ordered to make spousal maintenance payments to the lower-wage-earning spouse regardless of gender. The purpose of this is to balance any unfair economic effects caused by the divorce.

The difficult emotions that come with some family law decisions

Making the choice to divorce or separate is not an easy decision. When a Texas reader finally moves forward with a major family law decision, it can bring various emotions that can range from relief to dread. During the process of divorce and in the midst of working for a fair final order, it can be beneficial to set aside temporary feelings and focus on what will be best long-term.

In many situations, husbands are caught off guard by their wife's decision to file for divorce. Statistics indicate that as many as 70% of divorces are initiated by the women, and as a result, a husband may find himself dealing with complicated and difficult emotions. Emotionally processing this major step is not easy, and it can cloud a person's judgment during a time when it's crucial to be thinking clearly.

Property division and the post-divorce financial health of women

Divorce brings significant financial changes to both spouses, but statistics indicate that these changes can be particularly difficult for Texas women. The property division process can bring long-term impacts for areas that include health care, taxes, living arrangements and retirement plans. For some older individuals, divorce can be financially devastating, but there is evidence that this can improve over time.

There is evidence to suggest that many women feel more confident about their financial situation a few years after their divorce is final. While the end of a marriage can be a financial wake-up call for many, it is possible, with careful planning and a thoughtful divorce order, to have a secure and stable future. Other factors, such as a strong economy, may also affect how confident women feel about their post-divorce finances.

Texas police accused of taking sides in a conservatorship case

The legal term for child custody in Texas is conservatorship. It can evoke strong emotions on both sides when parents disagree about what's best for their children. For instance, if the court grants custody to one parent and the other is not satisfied with the decision or believes his or her rights have been violated, an appeal may be filed. A contentious situations in Abilene includes reported allegations against law enforcement officers for getting involved in a particular case and taking sides to help the biological father get his kids back.

A judge sent the three children in question to live with their mother and her new husband. This apparently angered the kids' biological father, who has also remarried. His wife is said to have connected to police officers through Facebook, which allegedly sparked a plan to smear the stepfather's reputation and accuse him of a crime.

Making smart family law decisions during the summer

Summer is a season when the kids are out of school, families are traveling and things can be stressful. All of these factors, among others, can make it perfectly clear to a Texas couple that they want to move forward with divorce. With this in mind, it's smart for a person to start thinking about ways he or she can make smart family law decisions.

When a person knows that he or she wants to move forward with divorce, it's prudent to start thinking ahead. Divorce planning and preparation can make the actual process move faster and go smoother. A smart first step is to begin thinking about how child custody would work. Spouses may be able to discuss this issue together, but it may also help to get advice and guidance from other trusted individuals. 

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