Does Alimony Apply To Your Marriage?

The term "alimony" often conjures images of a spouse obliged to pay an ex-partner an outrageous sum each month for the rest of their lives. While this may have been close to the truth in past generations, alimony –– or spousal maintenance –– is not always an automatic part of divorce anymore.

The lawyers at Sabelhaus + Lynch know how fragile your finances can be following a divorce. Every dime counts and worrying about whether you will pay or receive spousal support can be stressful. We will advocate for your best interests concerning post-divorce obligations.

Spousal Maintenance In Texas

Many circumstances could result in spousal maintenance. The court calculates payments after considering many factors, including:

  • Your financial situations
  • The length of your marriage
  • Current difference in income
  • The receiving spouse's employment capacity

The court may also weigh marital misconduct, such as infidelity or abuse when determining eligibility for maintenance. Spousal maintenance does not last indefinitely in most cases. The court may instead order temporary support, which one spouse pays to the other for a short time while the receiving spouse works to obtain financial security.

You and your spouse may also come to a negotiated agreement on alimony without a court order. Even if you decide to negotiate with your spouse, the advice of an attorney may protect you from a risky settlement.

Another Way We Are Looking Out For You

While you struggle to keep your finances in order, you certainly don't want the added burden of a crushing bill for legal services for your divorce. Sabelhaus + Lynch understands this reality, so we will never surprise you with an inflated bill. We base our fees only on the services we provide. We do not charge an hourly rate or bill you for emails or calls.

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