Understanding How Divorce Affects Your Finances

An important concern for many divorcing couples is whether they will end up struggling financially in their post-divorce lives. When you can no longer depend on your spouse's income, it is likely that you will have to make many adjustments in your lifestyle to avoid a financial crisis.

At Sabelhaus + Lynch in Fort Worth, we know that many factors can determine what your financial situation will look like after your divorce. You may be dealing with a torrent of emotions, and we are committed to being the voice of reason that helps you obtain a fair settlement.

Protecting What Is Rightfully Yours

Overlooking critical financial matters during this overwhelming time is easy. Failing to adequately prepare for your divorce, missing important details, or making decisions based on emotions or sentimentality may result in disaster for you in the months and years following your divorce.

You may benefit from careful advice, and our attorneys have the experience to guide you in any of the following areas:

  • Obtaining a fair property division according to Texas law
  • Deciding if fighting to keep the house is to your advantage
  • Helping you win a fair division of marital debts
  • Fighting for your rights regarding spousal maintenance

Our lawyers can also help you understand the ramifications of dividing pensions, retirement funds and other complex assets, including a small business that you or your spouse owns.

Start With A Free Consultation

Sabelhaus & Lynch knows you are concerned about your finances, and our fees are based on the services we provide. We do not charge you by the hour or bill you if you call us with a question.

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