Turn To Us If Your Ex Refuses To Obey Court Orders

If your former partner is refusing to comply with a binding order issued in family court, you may be frustrated and confused. These orders are not optional, and your ex is obliged to comply or face the legal consequences. You do not have to accept that your ex refuses to obey orders related to your divorce or custody ruling.

The lawyers at Sabelhaus + Lynch have more than two decades of combined experience assisting parents in Fort Worth with enforcement of court orders.

What Is Contempt?

It is understandably upsetting when your ex violates a court order, especially if you depend on compliance with those orders to meet your family's needs. Intentional refusal to obey court orders is called contempt. Some of the common examples of contempt related to Texas family law orders include:

  • Missing child support payments
  • Missing spousal maintenance payments
  • Denying you the custody or visitation specified in your court order
  • Moving away with the children
  • Refusing to surrender assets the court awarded to you in the divorce

You may not understand all the legal tools at your disposal to ensure child support enforcement. However, attorneys Stephanie Sabelhaus and Sean Lynch can file a motion asking the court to enforce the order or to impose penalties on your former partner, including fines, probation, jail, or other consequences.

Let Us Assist You

Time may be of the essence in your case, and we can begin working for your goals by reviewing your court order to determine whether the language is specific enough to warrant contempt. Contact our offices by calling 817-668-6704 or emailing us. Your first 30 minutes with us is free, and we will never overcharge for our services.

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