When Is It Appropriate To Request Changes In Child Custody Or Support?

Your child custody or support orders may have worked when the judge signed the decree, but it is not unusual for circumstances to change. If you, your parenting partner, or your children are experiencing a change significant enough that your order is no longer appropriate, you may want to modify your arrangements.

The lawyers at Sabelhaus + Lynch have guided many families in Fort Worth through the challenging process of modifying a court order.

Common Reasons For Modifications

Parents who request child support modifications want the court to reduce the amount they pay or increase the amount they receive. You may request a reduction because of a financial setback or health issues, or you may seek higher payments if your spouse's finances have significantly improved. Texas laws are strict about child support obligations. The courts will focus on the best interests of the child, and our team will work to protect your rights.

Similarly, with child custody issues, if you or your former partner have experienced a substantial life change, your current custody plan may no longer work for the child's welfare. In fact, a common reason for requesting a modification is when a teen wants to live with the other parent. Bringing these matters to court is complex, and Sabelhaus + Lynch will help you prioritize your goals before presenting them in court.

Reach Out To Us

Ideally, you and your former partner will negotiate an agreeable modification, and this may streamline the process as long as your agreement complies with Texas law. Our attorneys will review your agreement and/or fight for your goals in court. Contact us at 817-668-6704 or through email to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.