Do What's Right For Your Family In Child Support & Custody

Raising children comes with enough challenges if you and the other parent remain together. If you decide to end your relationship, this task takes on another dimension. Serving the best interests of your children when you and the other parent do not live together could be easier if you are informed and have a clear plan in place.

The state of Texas encourages both you and your parenting partner to remain in your children's lives as much as possible. Research shows that the more time children have with both parents, the better they tend to do as they grow. But, how this works for your family could vary widely from another.

Perhaps you want to have your parenting time, known legally as conservatorship, as close to equal as possible under Texas law. Perhaps your work takes you out of town, so your in-person visitation can't be as equal. You and your attorney may look to other options such as virtual visitation, which is made possible through FaceTime, Skype or some other electronic means that works for your family.

What About Child Support?

The child support guidelines will determine how much support you will pay or receive, but it largely depends on your custody arrangement. The number of overnights you receive with your children factors into the amount of child support ordered by the court. For this reason, determining your conservatorship arrangements ought to come first.

Many factors go into making decisions regarding child custody rights and child support. The lawyers at Sabelhaus + Lynch can help you identify the factors that apply to your situation and help you create an agreement that best suits the needs of your children. Contact us via email or by calling 817-668-6704 to discuss your rights and options today at our office in Fort Worth.