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When Stephanie Sabelhaus and Sean Lynch squared off against each other in a case several years ago, the two instantly developed a mutual respect. Each realized that the other knew the law inside and out, cared deeply about the case, and wasn't going down without a fight. That respect eventually blossomed into a partnership rooted in those three core principals.

In the subsequent years, Sabelhaus + Lynch have built a reputation for placing their clients' interest above their own and will try cases that other attorneys won't. The attorneys' skills are complementary, their ethics rock-solid, and their pricing is accessible and fair.

At S+L, you'll know our cost before you ever see a bill –– it's just one more way that we assure you peace of mind and help you get back to your everyday routine as fast as possible. Help your family today by calling us at 817-668-6704.

We Want You To Be Comfortable With Your Choice

Family law and criminal matters are naturally emotional. You need to feel comfortable with your choice when it comes to hiring someone to represent you during this challenging time. Learn more about our attorneys by clicking the links below:

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